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Toyota Prius Limo

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Apr. 19, 2011 – Tokio, Japan – Associated Press (AP) reports today that after Jan. 2011 announcing Prius V – a versatile crossover / minivan style Prius family member and promising to release Prius C – a smaller version of current Gen 3 Prius, Toyota is once again expanding the Prius family, and is now getting into Limousine business to compete with GM, Ford and Mercedes Benz for the lucrative Limo market, with it’s high profit margins. Toyota is actually hoping that US President Barak Obama will switch hist typical Cadillac limo for this new Prius Limo!

image of Toyota Prius Limo

The Prius limo features 6 passenger doors, double the interior space of a 2nd Gen Prius, and a huge trunk, and can accommodate Obama’s entire family when they decide to go to a picnic or to plant a White House garden. This new car can also sit a squad of bodyguards comfortably and even has a built in mini-bar and entertainment center.

Toyota hopes that Prius Limo will also attract other environment-conscious royal families as well as farmers, as it can serve as an extremely fuels efficient fruits and vegetables trailer.

Image of Toyota Prius 6-door limo prototype

To attract American luxury car buyers, Toyota will be building these new cars at their Alabama assembly plant, which is currently making Toyota Tundra pick-up trucks.

Prius Limo fuel economy:

Toyota engineers have put tremendous amount of work into development of Prius Limo, and have actually combined two Gen 3 Prius engines with Toyota’s excellent Hybrid Synergy drive, to achieve a very respectable 52 MPH divided by two (there is two engines, remember?), which gives a 26 MPH combined Pennsylvania Ave and White House front lawn mileage.

During testing at Toyota’s Alabama assembly plant, they tried to put it on the road, but local rednecks destroyed the prototype by driving over it in their Dodge and Ford made monster trucks, so the the fuel economy testing could only be obtained during Washington DC testing at the National Mall.

Development of Prius Limo

The idea of making a Prius Limo originated around the time when the Gen 3 Toyota Prius was released, and 2nd Generation Priuses could not be sold even at a $3000 discount, as 3rd Gen was so much more superior and much better looking car. Toyota ended up with a huge inventory of unsold Gen 2 Priuses sitting at their parking lots, and they needed to do something with those cars. They decided to take two cars, and put them together to make a Prius stretch limo.

Toyota also added some armored steel plates to the new limos, by stripping them off old Japanese tanks and armored vehicles. This would enable Toyota to sell their new premium line in the highly competitive limousine market. While the Prius limo still boasts the old and ugly 2nd gen design, it offers superior gas mileage, compared to all the Cadillac and Lincoln offerings currently on the market, and Toyota feels that sales prospect for this new wander are rather good.

What about breaks?

As we all know, both 2nd and 3rd gen Prius still have those breaks issues that plagued Toyota’s sales in the 2010, and the question is – did they solve the breaking problems? Just as a reminder, here is the video report on this year old issue:

According to our anonymous sources, Toyota has changed the computer (which is responsible for proper timing on regenerative breaks and break pads / rotors) in the Prius Limo – they now install a Nintendo Wii instead of the old computer, and all driver will have to do to slow down and stop the car, is to squeeze the Wii controller really hard – we are sure that it will be a natural reaction for most people when your dual engine, extra long Prius is not stopping.

We hope this new upgrade to Prius Limo electrical components will finally solve breaks problems, as the firmware update to the old computers on both 2nd and 3rd gen Priuses and Camry sedans did not work out all too well.

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Toyota to replace Prius Gen-4 with new Bucket concept car

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Mar. 23, 2010 – Tokio, Japan - Associated Press (AP) reports that today Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it will not be producing the next generation of its formerly popular Prius model, which now faces multiple recalls in US and Europe, as well as fast-changing consumer sentiment. Sales of Gen 3 Toyota Prius have been falling across US by more than 10% per months and due to continuing troubles with Toyota Prius Brakes, California class-action law-suit and review of Toyota’s actions to contain brake problems, by US Congress.

Instead of trying to rejuvenate sales of once popular, and to many, an icon car of the green movement and the most recognizable hybrid car in the world, Toyota is actively working on a new concept car that will replace the Prius, and will not be haunted by Prius’ brakes and acceleration problems.

Introducing the Toyota Bucket Car – a bold design move by Toyota engineers, uses a shape of old tin bucket, combined with Toyotas advanced power train, off-road suspension borrowed from Tacoma special edition all-terrain vehicle, powerful, yet economical engine and wide wheel base for extra stability.

The new Toyota Bucket-Car concept is designed to appeal to multiple groups of car buyers in the US and across the world. It’s round design, with superior wind resistance, will attract the Liberals, lefties and feminists, who until now, were stuck with VolksWagen Beetle, which was small, expensive and not very practical.

The truck-like suspension and wide wheels of a Bucket Car will attract hordes of red-necks from the south, cowboys, trailer-park white trash and hill-billies from the woods of New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Montana, and so on. This large group of car and light truck buyers, who usually opted for Ford F150, Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado, will appreciate Bucket Car’s truck-like appearance, with significant fuel economy more common on a hybrid car like the Prius.

Toyota bucket car hybrid

The new Toyota Bucket will feature increased luxury and comfort features, which were virtually non-existent in Gen 1 and 2 Prius, and extra utility, not common among hybrids.

Toyota Bucket interior comfort features:

Although Toyota will make a special luxury edition of its new Bucket concept, with all leather and cherry-wood trim, it also wanted to please the general public, and this advanced new hybrid concept from Toyota comes standard with 6-disc in-dash CD changer, all power options (power locks, power windows), new Easy-Clean manual windshield wipers and first time used on a production car – the advanced Bucket-Seats (TM) with built-in toilet, and complete sanitation and cleaning system and auto flush! All loads will be simply dumped on the road to reduce total car weight and improve fuel efficiency.

toyota car seats

Toyota Bucket and the Prius brakes issues:

Because Toyota does not want any mention of Prius brakes problems, when it comes to its Bucket concept, Toyota will be using advanced brakes system with liquid and air-cooled brake pads. To avoid the emergency situations as the one that recently happened to the Gen 2 Prius in California, Toyota is implementing a pop-out Toyota Plough Brakes (TM) which will be able to reduce the Bucket’s speed from 90 mph to zero, in a mere 3 seconds. It will also provide the additional benefit to cowboys and farmers, as now, the new Toyota Bucket is also the worlds most fuel efficient tractor!

toyota anti-lock plough brakes

Toyota Bucket and the environment:

Toyota has implemented special new car-pool feature in the Bucket hybrid. Because of limited sitting in the Bucket (only two people can comfortably sit in the front), Toyota decided to implement the Bucket Handle (TM) which allows to hook multiple Buckets into an improvised train and literally car-pull to work. With it’s powerful engine, a mere one Bucket can pull 5 other buckets at highway speeds, without loosing fuel mileage and efficiency. This makes Bucket Pulling – the most efficient transportation method in the US, second only to biking, which uses no fuel at all, but still contributes to CO (carbon monoxide) pollution, as bikers stress their bodies to compete with bucket for first place in fuel efficiency, will pass winds left and right.

Toyota Bucket hybrid concept car

Toyota Bucket’s new powerful engine:

The new Hybrid Synergy Drive used in Toyota Bucket concept is both powerful and economic, and will make the car extremely popular among California liberals and tree-huggers alike. Toyota borrowed its new engine design from the 1920′s airplanes and combined it with its ultra advance Bucket Synergy drive, which effectively gives the Bucket a very respectful 59 city / 99 hwy per gallon mileage (note – on the highway, the Bucket can be outfitted with a front cone, which will effectively make it a Missile), or 1.33 acres of potato field plowed on a single tank of gas (13 gallons).

Toyota hybrid engine

Overall, Toyota is very confident, that once the Prius scandal goes away, the Bucket will take significant amount of cars, trucks and hybrids market, in US, as it appeals to the wides specter of new car buyers.

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Prius brake problems explained

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Funny video describing how to properly use Prius brakes

Warning – adult language and overuse of f-words – must be 18+ to watch this video

Basically this dude is right in a way that many people who drive a Prius and many other cars should give up their driver’s license and use public transportation.

Still, this dud is full of it – I drive a Prius and my brakes problem is completely different:

After going through with Toyota’s recall which is basically a firmware update to change the braking timing, my Prius still won’t completely stop if I drive over a man-hole cover while braking. So I think the problem is in part mechanical.

Besides, this guy is driving a 2010 Prius (Gen 3) while the Prius in California, which cops had to stop, was a Gen 2 (2009 or earlier model). So the brake systems are different. And that Prius also had the “sticky gas pedal” syndrome of a new Toyota Camry.

In any case, this is a very funny video, as it’s true – many people have no idea how to drive or to slow down. He is right in terms of putting your car in neutral or pushing the power button to shut off the engine, if you cant’s stop.

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